Training & Shows

During the past decade at So Chic, we have trained and shown countless of Champions, Grand Champions and Supremes in different fields such as halter, driving and jumping.

In addition of a good morphology, a performant horse requires excellent mental and physical care, immaculate grooming

and professional presentation on the ring.


Those criteria can be attain with dedication, professional care and expertise. 

In 2019, we will participate to the

most prestigious European Shows that accept AMHA, AMHR and ASPC,

the reason being we do not limit our presence to small shows

that do not welcome these three horses races.


At So Chic Miniature we train our clients horses with the ultimate care and respect as if it were our own. Our professional facilities allows horses to workout outdoor as well as indoor, and to be cared with advanced technology all year around.




With more than 25 years of practical knowledge with horses, Sophie is a professional horse trainer that applies her skills, experience and passion in her Horse Center to provide amateurs, passionates and horse owners with expert care and preparation for the shows. 




The importance of training a horse should never be under-estimated in order to bring the best version of himself. It takes hard-work, expertise and commitment to achieve successful results. And this is why we start training our horses in February to guarantee their preparation for the beginning of the show season in April.

Looking at your horse winning during the show it is great pleasure, yet the feeling of wining with your own horse it’s infinite proudness. If you wish to learn how to show your own horse and perform during a show there is no doubt that Sophie’s skills have prove over the years to be one of her best merits.


We like trained the most natural and kind way possible the horses and we don't use any drug! We want happy and healthy horses.

Training place

We strive for success and achieve great results along with a team of    professionals and ambitious horse handlers.

Training prices for 2020

Full boarding 300€ HT/ 360 TTC month, includes: 

  • Conditioning
  • Training
  • Stall board
  • Food
  • Grooming during the show

Clipping and show cost before each show: 140€


Additional charges farrier, vet, special needs will be communicate with the owner prior treatment. 


Transportation expenses will be split by number of horses going to the show. The cost will be between 65 and 100 euros depending the distance.

Shows dates 2020

18/19 April                   IMHC                 Belguim

2/3 May                        Equispirit           Belguim

16/17 May                    IMHC                 Belgium 

30/31 May                         ICAMH                  Holland    

27/28 June                    EUSAM              Holland

4/5 July                         ICAMH               Holland

25/26 july                      Eusam                 Holland                                                                                         

14/15 August                Eusam                  Holland


Our Show Horses Team are complet for 2020

Our show horses 2019

Results & Photos Equuspirit 28/29 April 2019




AMHR Champion of Champions

Little King in Fashion owned by Conni Schneider

Handler Jules Ancelin



AMHR Grand Champion and Reserve Grand Champion Mare 

Little King in Fashion & Cross J Painted Gem

Owned by Conni Schneider



AMHR Grand Champion Country Pleasure Driving

Cross J Painted Gem

Owned by Conni Schneider & drived by Jules Ancelin



AMHR Réserve Grand Champion Mare

Cross J Painted Gem

Owned by Conni Schneider



Reserve Champion ASPC Yearling stallion

Carefree's Rich & Rare

Owned by Alison Brady




AMHR Grand Champion Mare 

Little King in Fashion

Owned by Conni Schneider & handled by Jules Ancelin



AMHR Reserve Champion Senior Stallion & Reserve Champion Jumper

DVM's Her Off The Hook

Owned by Christophe Rossi



AMHR Third place yearling stallion 

D'artagnan Bo Dacio Isilmo

Owned by Christophe Rossi & handled by Jules Ancelin 



AMHR Reserve Grand Champion Amateur

Cross J Painted Gem Owned by Conni Schneider & handled Monia Wauters



ASPC Third place Junior Stallion 

SCS Dude's Albakan

Owned by So Chic and handled by Monia Wauters.





AMHR Under Yearling Stallion 

Third place

So Chic Operator Vivaldi

Owned by So Chic and handled byJules An celin


For sale 3 years old stallion 32 inches



Senior Stallion Under Third place

Sorga SA Silver Moon Hope of Moon Owned by Jacqueline Mantovani & handled by Jules Ancelin


Small stallion, 32 inches For Sale

Contact Jacqueline Montovani

Reserve Champion Liberty for Cherryville Magic's Dakota