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🌸 Join us at the FLOWER POWER SHOW!

Dear friends and horse enthusiasts,

For 15 years, So Chic Miniatures has participated in almost every miniature horse show organized by various European clubs. Those early years were extraordinary, with a fantastic atmosphere, and we were proud to present our horses.

To recreate that magical atmosphere, I have drawn upon my 40 years of show experience to create a new type of competition. The FLOWER POWER SHOW is open to all horses and ponies under 110 cm, where the ambiance is the top priority.

I couldn't have made this dream a reality without an amazing team: Jules Ancelin, Hervé Leclercq, Léa Tomulic, and Jacqueline Mantovani. A big thank you also to Peggy and Aurélien (the Glamours) for their invaluable help. Without them, FPS wouldn't exist.

🎉 A unique competition, created with passion 🎉

The entire FPS team works year-round to offer you an exceptional show. We've designed a beautiful obstacle park, trec obstacles, and ribbons to put stars in the eyes of participants.

🌟 Events for all ages and skill levels 🌟

Children are at the heart of our priorities. We've organized classes tailored to their age and ensure that all kids win in the trec event. We want to see smiles on their faces and for them to have wonderful memories of their first competitions.

The obstacle classes are my favorites because they reward hard work and merit. We offer several courses with varying heights to satisfy the most participants. Some events even offer cash prizes to reward the best.

💖 A competition for fun above all 💖

Our goal is to develop this type of competition in France, so miniature horse enthusiasts have a purpose and can enjoy the various work classes offered, such as jumping, trec, and driving—events that are very popular in France. No matter your level or that of your pony, come primarily to have fun.

🏆 Special rewards in 2024 🏆

For the 2024 edition, the Flower Power Show will reward geldings with €750 for the best gelding presented by an adult and €250 for the best gelding presented by a youth under 18.

We can't wait to welcome you and share this unique moment with you. Join us and experience the magic of the FLOWER POWER SHOW together!

🌼 Come in large numbers, with your friends and family, and be enchanted by the beauty and spirit of this unique competition! 🌼

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See you soon,