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If you are fond of a horse and wish to do him a real favour, train him well. Teach him good manners, good habits, both in the stables or under a harness. You need to never worry about the future of such a horse in any reason you may have to part with him. You assure him of friends wherever he goes. Perhaps the greatest kindness you can do any horse is to educate him well. Tom Roberts.


That`s  our philosophy.

Dahvynya's Dancemaster


Sire: LCS Mike the Showmaster
Dam: HLC Rock E Blue Eyed Dancer
This young gelding 2 year old got a big potential for someone who would like to participâtes at the shows. He had big mouvements and will be a good driving horse. 
Born:  11/06/2022
Price: 850€

SCS Ron O'Kawaii

O'Kawaii is a filly born in 2024. Her mother is 'Fire,' the dam of Joli Coeur, Al Mounira, Lullaby, and Mercury. All her foals are sensational, and O'Kawaii deserves for you to come see her because she is truly very beautiful, and her gaits are a big wow. She is more expensive than my other foals because, firstly, she is incredible, and secondly, she can stay here as I have sold Ron, her father, and I will no longer be able to make this cross, although I am a fan of this filly.

She will be tall, I think between 38 and 40 inches.



Price: 4500 euros HT

SCS Dude's Free Style

Free Style is a colt born in 2024. He is a son of Dude and Mardi Gras. Dream lineages for those seeking a stallion that will produce color with exceptional genetics. Mardi Gras comes from a rare Strasslein lineage in Europe.

He is a very refined, elegant, and charismatic colt like all of Dude's foals.

He is small, just like his half-brother Carthago born in 2023.

With his lineages, color, and beauty, he is a truly special and unique colt.


ASPC/AMHR papers

Price: 3000 euros HT

SCS MY Black Eagles

Black Eagles is a colt born in 2024, entirely black like his father, Memory. With a neck as upright as his sister O'MARA's, we love these necks because they are spectacular in competitions. He has long, slender legs and a very short back. He still looks very much like a baby, but he has the potential we expect from a show horse. He is ASPC/AMHR.




If you love all-black horses, Eagles will enchant you.


O'MARA is a filly born in 2024 with incredible refinement and elegance. Very small, very delicate, she has a very upright and showy neck; she will definitely be a little show mare. Her mother, Louisiana, is a daughter of Dude, and her father is our little all-black stallion, Memory.

O'MARA is visually black in color, but she is smoky black.


She has ASPC/AMHR papers.





SCS W Ragtime

Ragtime is a heaven-sent gift because we thought his mother was sterile. She was in the pasture with Wild Fire during training and had brilliantly started her show season. When she began to change in character, we thought she might be pregnant, and that turned out to be the case.

It's worth noting that 'Infinity,' Ragtime's mother, is an ASPC/AMHR and AMHA mare with the most spectacular gaits in my breeding program.

Given that Wild, the sire, is a little gem as beautiful as he is good, we eagerly awaited this foal.

If I weren't in the situation of having to sell many of my horses, Ragtime would stay in training with Jules because he has everything to become a fantastic show horse, and Jules adores him.

He is very small and will be the only AMHA/AMHR foal with 75% ASPC blood born in my breeding program this year.


Price: 2500 euros HT Now 1750 euros

SCS Spades Carthago

Carthago is a colt born in April 2023, he is breathtakingly beautiful, with a sumptuous head and unparalleled charisma. He was born very small, and for now, he is the smallest foal in the herd 2023.

His bloodlines are royal, and he will make a wonderful breeding stallion or perhaps a good show horse in the future.


Sire:  Lilac Hills Keno's Paid in Spades

Dam: Strasslein Mardi Grass Earnyourbeads

Color: Black Pinto


Approximate adult size: 34/35 inches


Price: 3500 euros HT







Burbbery is a very fancy buckskin colt with 2 bleue eyes and 4 white legs. His pedigree is fabulous, the mum is a Dakota daughter and Sire is Dude.

He is extremely beautiful. He is with out a doubt a show prospect.

Sire: Vermilyea Godl's One Fancy Dude

Dam: So Chic DK Krishna





Dahvynya's Majestic Pharaoh

Pharaoh is a gelding who, at two years old, measures a petite 36 inches. He is jet black, and Jules has been working with him since he arrived with us.

He is a small yet powerful horse with very beautiful gaits.


We sincerely believe he will make an excellent and spectacular performance horse in a cart.

His bloodlines are very popular and renowned in driving.


Father: Rivenburghs Jess Majestic

Mother: Erica's Pharaohs Bahiti

Born in April 2022



This wonderful horse is a sponsorship offered by Amber and Ricardo Dorst for the Flower Power event.

We thank them from the bottom of our hearts.


Price: 2000 euros HT Now 850 euros

SCS Dude's Paddington

Paddington was born in 2023, and he's an incredible foal. He's playful, very cute, and his color is dreamy.

He's the full brother of Boy, my little white unicorn. He has a spectacular neck exit and very, very beautiful gaits.


We have started working with Paddy to prepare him for showing, and we will debut him in Aalten.

He really has a lot of qualities.


One can't help but fall in love with this foal.


Father: Vermilyea Gold's Fancy Dude

Mother: Cadwell's Sheeza Flower



Price: 3000 euros HT


SCS Dude's Mercury

Mercury is the full brother of Joli Coeur, our Grand Prix horse in 2024. One of our most promoting horses.



Born in 2022


Father: Vermilyea Gold's One Fancy Dude

Mother: Cadwell's Gust Of Wind (mother of Grand Champions like Ysatis, Touchy, Pretty Woman, Shalimar ......)


Price: 2500 euros HT now 2000 euros

Michigan's Wild Style

If you're looking for a top mare with prestigious bloodlines and true beautiful gaits in carriage driving, Wild will make you happy. She is one of the rare ASPC mares imported from the USA available for sale in Europe.


Wild was born in 2016 and has been shown with us for several years, winning every competition she entered. She then had a filly in 2023 and was bred back to our palomino stallion 'RON' for 2024.


Just the importation bills alone cost over 7000 euros, not to mention the cost of the years of training she has had.


Sire: Michigan's Ragin Cajun (HOF)

Dam: Michigan's Winning's Style (HOF)

Papers: ASPC

Size: 40 inches


Price: 3500 euros HT

SCS Grand Watson

Waston will be a powerful foal with phenomenal gaits. His mother, 'Raggy,' from the Michigan lineage, is our Supreme Champion of 2020, a magnificent large mare with an exceptional pedigree.


Additionally, he has a very, very pretty head. He's a foal with enormous potential.

Born in April 2023


Father: Buckeyes Grand Inferno

Mother: SCS Veno Exquisite Raggy

Color: Bay



Adult size between 36 and 38 inches


Price: 2000 euros HT Now 1000 euros

SCS Dude's Baby Blues


Baby Blues is a cut little filly with great prestance. Her mum is one of our best broodmare, she always give us great foals.


Father: Vermilyea Gold's One Fancy Dude

Mother: Cadwell's Gust of Wind

Born in june 2024



Price: 3000 HT



SCS ISI Sniper

Sniper is a handsome 3-year-old black piebald gelding. He has a good temperament, lives in a herd, and is very sociable. He is desensitized to carts and works well on long reins. He has a good jump and enjoys jumping, so next year he will start competing in both beauty and performance classes. Ideal for an amateur who wants to have fun with a competitive gelding in competitions.


According to Jules, Sniper has the same potential in driving as his illustrious father Isilmo, winner of the 2023 Performance Challenge.


Father: D'artagnan Bo Dacious Isilmo

Mother: SCS Dude's Sexy Lolita

Born in 2021



Color: Black piebald

Adult size: 36/38 inches


Price: 4000 euros HT

SCS Dude's Richelieu

Richelieu is incredible, truly tiny, measuring 32 inches at 2 years old. He is extremely beautiful. His gaits are phenomenal for such a small horse. He is incredibly powerful and will undoubtedly be a 'very good' future performance show horse. He may even be eligible for AMHA hardship at 3 years old.


His beautiful black piebald color, along with his lovely head and charisma, make this little stallion a sure value.


Father: Vermilyea Gold's One Fancy Dude

Mother: SCS Fine Sheeva


Color: Black piebald

Born in 2022


Price: 3000 euros HT now 1500 euros

Adult size between 32 and 35 inches.

SCS Dude's Flower power Boy

Boy is two years old and he is magnificent. There are very few Dude stallions for sale, usually I geld them before selling, but Boy is too beautiful and I find it a shame to geld him.

He has very beautiful gaits and is ultra-refined and ultra-typed. His color is very special and quite unique. Washed and clipped, he is snow white.


For now, Boy has a mega jump, his neck exit is phenomenal, but when it comes to work, he is a little rebel with a lot of blood to spare. If you like hot-blooded horses, Boy is for you.

For halter classes, he's a bomb.


Father: Vermilyea God's One Fancy Dude

Mother: Cadwell's Sheeza Flower


Color: Medicine Hat palomino (visually white)

Born in 2022

Adult size between 35 and 37 inches


Price: 3000 euros HT

SCS Grand Mc Kenzy

McKenzy was born in 2023, a young stallion with dream lineages. His father is the legendary Inferno, the star stallion at Alice Lainé's.


His mother is none other than 'Windy,' the dam of so many champions (like Invictus, Ysatis, Pretty Woman, Touchy, Shalimar, Krishna...). All of Windy's foals are fantastic and extremely good-looking.


I believe McKenzy will make a name for himself if he ever competes.


He's not an easy horse, he has a lot of character, and he is powerful. His half-sister Shalimar is in training with Jules, and she too is very promising.


If you're looking for a good show horse, McKenzy is the one you need. On top he is beautiful.


ASPC/AMHR, approximate adult size: 37 inches


Price: 3500 euros HT now 2000 euros


River is a daughter of Erica's Trotters Can't Trump Me. She is very refined and resembles an English Thoroughbred.


She is three years old and tall, measuring between 38 and 40 inches.


River has had minimal handling and lives in a herd with my stallion 'Ron,' my beautiful Andalusian, as I like to call him.


She breed the most extreme filly, absolutely beautiful. 


Father: Erica's Trotters Can't Trump Me

Mother: Lilac Hill's Cleopatra

Born on: 11/05/2020



Price: 3500 euros HT empty after the birth of her foal

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