ERL Pattons Smooth Operator "Slick"

Sire: Glenns General Patton

Dam: Pecan Groves Remarkable Maketta

Date of birth: 02/05/2006

28 inches



Stallion 28'' and under world champion

Amateur Jr. stallion Lever 1. 30'' and under world champion

Amateur Jr. stallion Lever 2. 30'' and under world champion

Two year old stallion 29'' and under world champion

Amateur Sr. stallion Lever 1. 30'' and Under World Champion

Amateur Sr. stallion Lever 2. 30'' and Under World Champion

Three Year Old Stallion 30" and Under Res. World Champion

Multiple Grand Champion Senior Stallion European shows


Outside Stud : 1'000 € HT

Still very limited breed for 2018

Slick's production

Vermilyea Gold's One Fancy Dude

Sire: B&L'S Diamond's Golden Image

Dam: J-J'S Fancy Boots

Birthdate: 16/03/2011

37 inches



2011 Reserve National Champion AMHR

2012 Congress National Champion

2013 Reserve National Champion AMHR

2014 Grand Champion ASPC 

2014 Grand Champion AMHR


No outside breeding disponible

Dude's production

In 2017 we show our 3 Fancy Dude yearling and all got Grand Champion, Réserve Grand Champion or Supreme Champion at each show they did.



                          Sold to Alice Lainé

RHA Redis Wild Jazz

Sire: Alliance Redis High Roller

Dam: WCF Dancers Beauty Queen

Date of birth: 2012



2013 Multiple Grand Champion Stallion

AMHR National Reserve Champion

2014 AMHR Grand Champion Junior Stallion

2015 AMHR Grand Champion Senior Stallion

2016 European National Grand Champion Senior Gelding Over.

2016 Suprême National Youth

2016 European National Country Pleasure Driving Over Youth.

2016 European National Gelding Over Youth

2016 european National Versatility Youth

2017 AMHR Grand Champion Gelding Over

COH Out Psyched

Sire: Little Kings Psyched Up Bucks

Dam: Boones Little Midnight Special

Date of birth: 10/03/2009

33.5 inches



Champion Roster 2013

National Champion Roaster 2012

Multiple Suprême Champion Halter

Multiple Champion Country Pleasure Driving