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If you are fond of a horse and wish to do him a real favour, train him well. Teach him good manners, good habits, both in the stable or under an harness. You need never worry about his futur of such a horse in any reason you may have to part with him. You assure him of friends wherever he goes. Perhaps the greatest kindness you can do any horse is to educate him well. Tom Roberts.


That exactly our philosophy. 

100% bio hay

We produce our hay on our own land. It is 100% bio free of chemical product or treatment.


Every year the hay collected is stored indoor to maintain it very dry. 


We have packs of 75 kg or 150 kg.


Price for the package 75 kg: 20€ HT

Price for the package 150 kg: 30€ HT 


No more hay disponible for 2017/2018

SCS Gold's Fancy abhy yali

Sire: Vermilyea Gold's One Fancy Dude

Dam: WA-Full Crescent Toppy

Date of birth: April 2016


 Size in January: 32 inche







 First show for Abhy Yali the 28 april 2017 at the IMHC and he won the:

 AMHR Grand Champion Juniors Stallion over. 



So Chic Operator Vivaldi

Sire: ERL Pattons Smooth Operator

Dam: Mini Ridge Gia

Date of birth: 2017



Price: 5000 euros




Vivaldi is an incredible foal with a super hooky neck. He deserved to be in a ring for all his quality.

His mum is a shetland breed and you can tell just when you look at him, he is full of charism and attitude.

Beautiful head, perfect legs.

He is the one and I am really proud to be is breeder!

So Chic Operator Arizona



Sire: ERL Pattons Smooth Operator

Dam: Zephyr Wood Blue Star Lady

Date of birth: 2017


Color: Black with socks



Price: 4500 euros





Arizona is just amazing, full of charism and attitude. You will love her hyper refine type.

SCS Dude's pretty woman



Sire: Vermilyea Gold's One Fancy Dude

Dam: Cadwell's Gust of Wind

Date of birth: 10/05/2017

Papers: ASPC / AMHR

Color:  Pinto Buckskin








Pretty Woman is a very beautiful filly, her full sister is "Ysatis" who was Classic Grande Championne Junior Mare at her first show and AMHR Supreme Champion at her second show.



SCS Gold's Fancy Baltic




Sire: Vermilyea Gold's One Fancy Dude

Dam: So Chic My Gosh Indiana Blue

Birthday: June 2015

Papers: AMHR




Baltic will be geld and show with Jules and will be for sale after the show season 2018.



Sales conditions

We will help you with every step as best we can.

The horse does not leave until they have cleared the bank.

  • A 50% minimum deposit per horse is required on purchases.
  • Deposits are non-refundable, but may be applied toward the purchase of another horse.
  • Prices and availability are subject to change.  I reserve the right to refuse any sale if I feel it’s in the best interest of the horse.Additionally, shipping fees and arrangements are the responsibility of the buyer.
  • Horses are available for pre-purchase inspection at any time prior to purchase at buyer’s expense.  Seeing horses in person is encouraged and recommended.
  • Any horse that is not paid-in-full within 15 days MUST be insured or the buyer takes responsibility for that horse.
  • Horses are sold with no guarantees, unless otherwise specified in the contract.
  • Once a deposit is taken on a horse, the buyer has 30 days to pay the balance or they will forfeit all money paid and the horse will go up for sale again.